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What Is IV Therapy?

If you’re looking to enhance your overall mood and vitality, we have a solution for you. At Between the Lines Aesthetics, we provide IV (intravenous) drip services to help you feel your best. With a variety of options to select from, our custom-tailored IV drips include ingredients that may help to boost your skin radiance, help with hydration, reduce stress levels, address nutritional deficiencies, treat chronic fatigue, and boost immunity. Whatever your needs and goals are, our nurse practitioner will work with you to decide which IV cocktail is the right fit for you. Our selection includes:

  • Hydration Blend: Replenish the fluids your body needs to operate at its best with our hydration blend, which is designed with nourishing ingredients to rehydrate and restore while fighting inflammation and fatigue.
  • Myers’ Cocktail: Featuring a blend of essential vitamins and minerals, including zinc, B12, calcium, and magnesium, the Myers’ blend is an excellent choice for enhancing your overall wellness, whether you’re dealing with allergies or recovering from a big night out.
  • Vitamin C: Fortify your body with a concentrated dose of Vitamin C, which has been shown to help boost immunity, improve absorption of iron and other nutrients, and promote the production of collagen for healthier, younger-looking skin.
  • B12: This blend is an excellent option for those who may have trouble getting enough B12 in their diet, helping reduce stress, fatigue, muscle weakness, and “brain fog” caused by a deficiency of this vital nutrient.

We also offer discounted IV hydration as an add-on for clients undergoing cosmetic treatments — so be sure to ask during your appointment. To learn more about the comprehensive wellness benefits of IV therapy, connect with our practice in Birmingham, MI to book your private consultation.

What Can I Expect During An IV Session?

During your private consultation, we’ll discuss your wellness needs and goals before deciding on which IV treatment is best suited for them. Once you’re ready, our nurse practitioner will set up the IV line and gently insert the needle through your skin. After that, all you need to do is sit back and unwind as the IV delivers vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. When the drip is complete, we’ll place a tiny bandage on the insertion site. Intravenous therapy usually takes about an hour to complete, after which you’re free to go home from our Birmingham, MI office and go straight back to your routine.

What Are the Benefits of IV Treatments?

Whether administered on their own or bundled with another service, IV treatments at Between the Lines Aesthetics are a great way to help you refresh your system and enjoy better overall wellness. IV therapy offers a number of potential benefits, including:

  • Diminished inflammation
  • Enhanced hydration
  • Better immune health
  • Heightened energy and mental clarity
  • Smoother recovery after working out
  • Better REM cycles
  • Improved metabolism
  • Clearer, brighter complexion

Enhance Your Wellness

At Between the Lines Aesthetics, we don’t just want to help you look your best — we want to help you feel your best, too. Whether you feel fatigued, stressed, or just not your usual self, IV treatments may provide a solution. Contact our Birmingham, MI practice and schedule your consultation to learn more about the benefits of IV therapy and how it could help you.

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